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SNAG at the PGA of Germany Annual Congress 2017

SNAG at the PGA of Germany Annual Congress

The whole team where very happy to be part of the PGA of Germany Annual Congress. It was a great opportunity to connect with over 250 PGA of Germany members who were present at the event.

SNAG presence in Germany

Most members already knew SNAG, but for those who had not used the products before it was a very good introduction to the products, the new concepts and training around it. The overall feeling from the PGA members was good and the feedback on the new concepts was very positive.
The presence of SNAG is already very good in Germany, so it was great to catch up with current clients and strengthen existing relationships. Everyone was informed about future plans and the upcoming SNAG Coaching Seminars.

Main talking points

It was not only the new concepts that were particularly popular; the interest in the SNAG Inflatable was a major talking point. Several members were very interested in having more information regarding rentals for big events at their clubs.
After introducing the Funity® concept to the Swiss market in Zurich last week it was great to receive even more positive feedback from the PGA of Germany members too. People can understand how it will have a positive impact on introducing and retaining new golfers.

For the future of golf

All in all the event was very positive and everyone was very happy to have participated and strengthen the partnership with the PGA of Germany. Hopefully we can continue to support the PGA members and have a good impact on the future of German golf.