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SNAG – Anybody, Anywhere, Anytime

Anybody | SNAG can be played by anybody. 

Large or small, old or young –  because of the varied products, balls, targets and clubs everyone can witness the fun of the game. Thus, the grandparents can play together with their grandsons, as well as familys, children and friends.
It makes no difference between advanced golfers or beginners – the fun of trying, training and learning success is guaranteed.


Anywhere | SNAG can be played anywhere.

The easy setup of the SNAG equipment makes it possible to play SNAG everywhere.
At the park, the beach in the garden or even in the snow. It’s possible to play the game in- and outdoor. You can let your imaginations run free to create different stations and enjoy diversified games.


Anytime | SNAG can be played anytime. 

SNAG provides the perfect possibility to have fun with friends, colleagues and the family. You can build up SNAG at home, in the office or on holidays and start playing immediately. SNAG Inflatable® also provides an attractive and professional platform for platform. Multiple sport activities – anytime!