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Teaching Story of Fabian Bünker


Fabian Bünker

PGA Teaching Professional

As an amateur Fabian Bünker was a member of the German National team. In 2013 he became a PGA professional at Golf Club St. Leon-Rot and since 2015. Then he became the coach for the u18 team in the Golf Association of Niedersachsen-Bremen. Through his involvement in Junior golf he has created is own children’s golf shop “Golfmaniacs".

My first contact with SNAG was as the Academy in GC St. Leon-Rot. We were looking for a solution to develop children and young people who showed an interest in playing golf. During our research we discovered SNAG and its teaching and learning concept – we were immediately surprised.

SNAG was the perfect solution to help find new talent especially during our visits at schools, when we were scouting in primary schools and the early stages on secondary schools. The colourful equipment is easy to understand and it can also be used in sports halls, meaning you can play golf all year. During the summer time we were also using it outside. At the Golf Association of Niedersachsen-Bremen we recommend SNAG to all clubs who are scouting in primary schools.

  1. How SNAG simplifies the explanation of the golfing technique for a golf teacher
  2. Examples how children, adults and seniors can play SNAG equally
  3. Examples for how SNAG supports the independent learning process
  4. Examples of how SNAG helps the repetitive process of golf training
  5. Examples of how practical golf experience can be taught using SNAG material


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