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Questions & Answers with Karl Villwock - Part 2


Examples how SNAG can offer more variation

I am using SNAG equipment especially for really small kids and beginners.
But for my favourite warm up I am also using the SNAG clubs. The game is called “Brennball”: more information can be found on my German blog on Fairwaykids.


The transition process from SNAG to traditional golf

As I have already described I am using SNAG especially for small kids and beginners. My transition process from SNAG to traditional golf looks is as follows: I start with a group of people who are not able to play with traditional golf equipment by using SNAG. The next step is introducing the traditional clubs, but still using the SNAG ball. At the end of the session we will play a finishing game with SNAG clubs. The students can see their progress and they have even greater success with the SNAG equipment, this gives them additional motivation.

In your opinion what do you think is the general impression about SNAG?

Based on my experience SNAG equipment is a really good introduction into golf with a high fun factor.
Also for adults it can be an exciting possibility to step into the game of golf. But in my opinion it is perfect for group golf, special events, open days, city events and also on exhibitions. It is great because you can use it in any location, not just the golf course.

Karl Villwock

PGA Teaching Professional

I got introduced to SNAG for the first time during my education as a PGA Professional. I was offered a special SNAG training focusing on children between 6 and 10 years old who had not been introduced to golf before.
Using the various training tools from SNAG I introduced different exercise throughout the lessons. At the beginning they were not golf based but the coloured balls were thrown on the different targets, which is very easy for children and they have a lot of fun.
Then we progressed onto some simple golf exercises, the bigger clubface and balls made the introduction to golf simple for the children (and adults).



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