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Teaching story of Lucas Kamps


Lucas Kamps

PGA Teaching Professional

My name is Lucas Kamps. I am 22 years old and PGA golfprofessional since 2013. I am working with SNAG since 2014. 2013-2015: Teaching in Golfclub Tuniberg near Freiburg.
Since 2016 I was hired at Golfclub Schloß Reichertshausen.

The first contact to SNAG came through my instructor.
The real got to know was during my educational training Christian Piott invited me to Golfclub St. Leon-Rod. I learnt to know the different training tools, clubs and of course how to use them. From there on I tried to use SNAG in each single kids training, which was really successful and offered a lot of fun to the children.

  1. How SNAG creates interest and fun for playing golf
  2. How SNAG speeds up the learning process of golf beginners
  3. How SNAG increases motivation when learning to golf
  4. Examples for the variation possibilities in SNAG Coaching
  5. Discription of the transfer process from SNAG to traditional golf
  6. People's impression about SNAG


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