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Transfer process from SNAG to traditional golf


Transfer process from SNAG to traditional golf

The principle of reaching as less points as possible in all exercises is the same in SNAG and traditional golf.

Based on the Hoop Clock the players have a basic knowledge of all scope of movements in all different strikes.

Because of the Flagsticky the beginner/the child knows that the ball always should hit the flag.
The basics of the correct golf grip (holding the club properly) is already existing it only needs to get refined.
Because of the Snapper each single players can imagine how to get the correct arm-ankle and when it is time to stretch the arms.


The Snapper teaches coordination of hands, arms, body and weight distribution (various exercises). A successfully “popped” streamer would indicate the correct use of the hands in the impact area.



The hoops have the same numbering as a clock face. The numbering defines the ball position and the colours match up the different strokes and swings.

Hoop Clock


Peoples impression about SNAG

In my personal experience SNAG is loved by everybody does not matter if children or an adult-beginner. A lot of parents were asking which training methods are building the basis the SNAG coaching – most of them wanted to try them immediately by their own.
So to conclude SNAG is the perfect entry for children and beginners of each age into the game of golf because it explains this already really difficult sport very well and simple.

From my personal perspective I can advice SNAG to every golf professional, each family and simply to everybody who wants to have fun in golfing and who is interested in learning this beautiful sport.
All children will be more and more motivated and are getting more fun during their golf training lessons. An adult beginner will be introduced more fun-based an without difficult explanations.
I ensure every golf teacher it will be fun to teach with SNAG because from my personal perspective is the best feeling to introduce new golfers in this beautiful game with fun and motivation.

Lucas Kamps

PGA Teaching Professional

The first contact to SNAG came through my instructor. The real got to know was during my educational training Christian Piott invited me to Golfclub St. Leon.



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