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Teaching Story of Mark Jones


Mark Taylor

PGA Teaching Professional

Mark Jones is a PGA Teaching Professional based at Yas Links, Abu Dhabi. I have been in the UAE for over 3 years, teaching all ages and abilities. My certifications include Aimpoint, Trackman and TPI. I am also a TPI certified Junior level 2 coach. Everyone is different and I believe that coaching is all about looking at what you have and adding only what is needed to complete the puzzle, we have to find the best way for you to swing the club!

  1. The target group for using the SNAG equipment
  2. The motivation for continuing to learn golf
  3. Supporting golfers of different ages
  4. How SNAG simplifies the teaching of the golf techniques
  5. Why using SNAG?
  6. My favourite training tool
  7. The general feedback after sessions using SNAG
  8. Examples of different locations for using SNAG