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SNAG vs traditional equipment


Description of the transition process from SNAG to traditional golf equipment

To be honest I was amazed at the difference in performance from the students who started with SNAG. After seeing the success of my first group who started with SNAG, it is something I do with all my beginners. They had developed the fundamentals so well and their consistence we brilliant.

The general feedback after sessions using SNAG

The feedback is always how much fun they have had, regardless of their age! I cannot think of a better way to promote golf, if people enjoy it they will want to try it more.

Mircea Stoica

PGA Teaching Professional

Mircea Stoica is a professional golfer from Romania and is the founder of the GolfLab Academy, where they teach golf to players from all areas of Transylvania. He has been active in the golf industry for 13 years, a professional golf player for 6 years and a golf trainer for 4 years.



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