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SNAG Events

Planning and realisation of your events – in the best hands right from the start

Experience the fascination of different SNAG products (hitting, kicking, throwing), you will be part of exciting competitions and enjoy fascinating games. Whether on sports events, corporate appearances etc. The GSA Golfsports Agency works out optimal event concepts for you and offers the compatible event modules. This makes it possible for you to create an unforgettable experience for your branding presentations and incentives for customer or employees.


GSA GOLFSPORTS supports you with the implementation of your events and projects with 25 years experience in the field of golf sport, employees at top level, a planning office for your requirements, an open spirit and visionary ideas.

The success of your events is our benchmark! GSA GOLFSPORTS develops a customized, individually defined program for your event. Based on the SNAG products and programs we develop unforgettable events.

The broad range of SNAG Products allows us to realize different concepts for various sports.

The SNAG Inflatable, a multiple sport activities module, provides an attractive platform for various occasions (sport events, summer festival, golf sport events, etc.) and for different institutions (companies, kindergartens, universities, hospitals, etc.) to present yourself and to be part
of events. 

Hitting, kicking, throwing! Differently-sized balls, easy-to-play clubs with large heads and attractive targets on a hook & loop basis will give you a great deal of pleasure. The SNAG Inflatable offers a variety of fun games and guarantees outdoor enjoyment for people of all ages.


SNAG Futbol is the futbol version of classic golf. The ball is to be kicked all the way from the start to the target, where it will stick due to a hook & loop system. SNAG Futbol is the perfect way to gain an insight into the dynamics of golf – particularly for children. 


The SNAG Futbol Inflatable is a playing field for big and small groups, but it’s also suitable for 1-on-1 games. A completely new ground surface combined with a smaller pitch makes this event module an entirely new soccer experience. Whether you are alone with a partner or part of a group – fun will be guaranteed.

You can also develop and build up different golf parcours. There are really no creative boundaries here: „Design your own course“ and play your preferred track with friends or exciting games with your colleagues. Easy-to-play clubs with big heads, soft balls similar to tennis balls, mobile launch pads with tees and targets on a hook & loop basis: Discover the joy of playing golf!

The SNAG team will make sure that your event runs safely from start to finish. Our experienced guides and instructors will accompany your event with enthusiasm and passion. Professional appearance of the whole crew is very important to us.


-       Incentives (Incentives employees, incentives customers)

-       Corporate image

-       Other sport events


Free yourself from your every day routine: Leave your working day behind and find yourself in a completely neutral and fun SNAG environment. 

Our event module, the SNAG Inflatable, along with the SNAG product range allow us to design and realize fun and exciting games for your next incentive.

Teams, colleagues and managers can find together in a whole new environment. Employees get together and will be brought in certain stress situations, which they have to overcome together. The cooperation will increase the group dynamic and strengthen the intern communications channels. 

A positive, common experience is sustainable and can’t be replaced by money.


Incentives for employees

Increase the motivation and cooperation of your employees with various SNAG games and SNAG parcours. Togetherness instead of competition: games, fun and excitement.

The different team games support the team spirit, the employee motivation and the sense of unity. The employees identify themselves with the company and their loyalty will increase because of the common experiences. A day that will stay in the employees minds and will motivate them for a long-time cooperation. 

Experiences and fun will have top priority on this day..


Incentives for customers

Find customers, win customers, bind customers – all within one event.

The SNAG Inflatable is an eye-catcher and provides a fun area for exciting games – it will draw your potential customers’ attention and create awareness for your company. You can win the heart and the head of the customer by addressing them emotionally. A casual and unforced atmosphere improves the customer contact processes and new customer contacts can be generated in a completely new environment.

Our event module attracts visitors of each age and of each social status – new target groups can be reached.

Corporate image

Our goal is for your event to reach your customers sustainably. Your brand/your product should be presented in an emotional environment that ensures maximum awareness and will stay in your customers’ minds.

The image and the attitude towards your brand/product and your company can be influenced positively.

The branding of the module areas can achieve more marketing presence and potential sponsors can be integrated.


Other events

The product range of SNAG provides the opportunity to train and to improve motion sequences from different sport areas with fun and variety.

SNAG Futbol, for instance, is the soccer version to traditional golf. A great variety of games that can be played on the targets will improve precision and concentration.

Golf, soccer or handball - you can design and develop a course for every kind of sport. Thus, SNAG provides alternative trainings methods, varied lessons or just fun activities.