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Is SNAG just for children?

SNAG is not just for children, the clubs sizes range from 2 years to Adults. With varying lengths everyone can use the clubs that are the right height for them. Obviously the bright colours are perfect for attracting children’s attention. Adults are using black clubs.

How do adults react to the equipment?

At first adults sometimes are a bit apprehensive, regardless of their golfing experience they initially think it is just for children. Once they start using the equipment the can see the benefits instantly and they start to make big improvements.

What is the advantage of starting with SNAG compared to traditional equipment?

Due to the design of the SNAG equipment it gives success earlier. The equipment has been designed specifically for introducing people to golf, where as traditional equipment if designed for people who have experience in playing golf.

When should you progress the student onto traditional clubs?

We would always say that this is down to the teacher/instructor to make this decision. Different students progress at different speeds; therefore we would never say that at a certain point they should change.

Why do I need a Launch Pad?

The Launch Pad is a key component of the SNAG system. The Launch Pad is has been designed to make it easier to get a good connection on the ball straight away. Using the elevation of the tee, players can get the ball in the air from their first swing.

Why do we need the training tools?

The SNAG training tools are a fundamental part of the system. Not everyone knows too much about the tools, however once you have seen them in action you will love them. They help to teach key actions/positions in a fun and different way. All of the tools have been developed to help the student ‘self teach and self evaluate’. Using multiple senses they are given instant feedback, something that is brilliant for developing new skills. When the tools are used correctly they add a completely new dynamic to any session.

Which kit is best for me?

We have different kits to suit different needs, if its more teaching based, just games, adults or children we can be flexible with the packages. We offer all items individually also, so you can select the perfect kit to suit.

How far does the SNAG ball travel?

This is influenced my many factors, age, height and build, swing etc. the usual things that influence the distance of any golf ball. However if you hit a SNAG ball well, you will be happy to see it go around 50/60m.

How durable is the equipment?

The SNAG equipment is incredibly durable; you can speak with any SNAG clients. If you look after your equipment correctly you will get several years of use out of it.

Which size clubs do I need?

We have different sizes for different ages; obviously depending on the height of the student the size might need to change.

22” Club – Purple (2-4 years)

26” Club – Green (4-7 years)

30” Club – Blue (7-11 years)

34” Club – Red (11+ years)

35” Club – Black (Adult)

What training courses are available?

There are several SNAG Training courses available; we have our 5-stage development program. We often host level 1-2 Seminars; it is a one-day session where you cover the key fundamentals behind SNAG, the training aspects and the fun aspects. They are always really fun days. If you want more information about upcoming seminars keep an eye out on our Facebook, Twitter, website or send the team an email.