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SNAG Games: Motor Skills / Coordination


This game focuses on a player’s co-ordination. The objective is to get from the start Hoop Clock to the end Hoop Clock moving in and out of the Flagsticky, keeping the ball as close to the Roller as possible, without losing control or without the ball sticking to a Flagsticky.

To make it easier or more difficult you can alter the distance between the Flagstickys or the player can use their weaker hand.

This is a great exercise for individuals or teams. It can be used as a warm up for any session as it gets the students used to the material and it gets them moving.

Player 2 players per station
Equipment 1 x Roller, 2 x Hoop Clock, 1 x 6 balls, 3 x Flagsticky
Activity Each player uses the roller to move the SNAG balls through the Flagstickys, from the start Hoop Clock to the end Hoop Clock (one ball at a time), 6 balls per station
Objective Use the Roller to lead as many of the 6 balls from start Hoop to finish Hoop in the given time
Time Maximum 1 minute per person (up to 6 minutes total)
Points 1 point for every ball in the finish Hoop Clock


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