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Hoop Clock


The Hoop Clock is the training tool that is used the most in the SNAG teaching system. Throughout the system colours and numbers are very important, especially when using the Hoop Clock. It has multiple advantages, one is the teaching aspect and the other is safety.

The student stands in the center of the Hoop Clock and utilizing the layout of a clock face they can see the distance they need to swing the club back and through for each of the different shots (Rolling, Chipping, Pitching and Launching). Each shot has different numbers and colors on the Hoop Clock. For example; the student always faces no.6, if they are performing the chip shot, they start at 6, swing back to 8 and through to 4 or in the green section of the Hoop Clock.


The use of the hoop allows the coach to use simple instructions and avoid using of complex phrases such as ‘‘take away’’ and ‘‘turn’’ and replace them with more appropriate and meaningful ones like numbers and colors or for example ‘continue to’ 10 for a full launch position as an extension to what they have already learnt by swing to 9 for the pitch shot.

The Hoop Clock is a great training tool to be used with all students, not just beginners and SNAG; it can also work well with traditional clubs too.


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