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The SNAG-o-Matic is used for Chipping. It can be used as a training tool to help keep the correct connection between your hands and arms during the chipping stroke.

When using the SNAG-o-Matic the key focus is to keep the training tool connected to the forearm. It is a great way for the student to learn as they receive instant feedback! They can feel if the connection is broken.

You place the SNAG-o-Matic half on the grip of the launcher and half off it. The student maintains the normal SNAG grip (Left on Yellow, Right on Red) as the SNAG-o-Matic has the corresponding dots on too. It is designed with a handle on the top for the coach to be able to assist the student during practice.


One common mistake a lot of coaches/teachers see when introducing the chipping action is beginners have a tendency to try and scoop the ball to get it in the air so they use their hands too much. Using the SNAG-o-Matic helps prevent this motion.

Although the product fits perfectly onto a SNAG club, it can also be used with fantastic success on traditional clubs.

The SNAG-o-Matic is a key element of the SNAG teaching system and is included in all of our teaching kits, it can also be purchased as an individual item.


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