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The Snapper is the training tool used during Launching, SNAG’s shot for teaching the full swing. There are 4 exercises associated with the Snapper, each with specific outcomes designed to teach various aspects of the golf swing and to help with the development of essential golfing motor skills, this makes it very popular for coaches and trainers.

The main exercises we have are Helicopter, Big Wheel, Skating and Snapping. The Helicopter exercise encourages relaxation in the hands and wrists, the big wheel exercise develops shoulder mobility and balance, skating is a fantastic exercise to help develop weight transference with co-ordination and finally the Snapping exercise develops club head speed, weight transference and co-ordination.


All great exercises to help your students learn and develop some key fundamental skills needed during the golf swing. Similar to all of the other training tools in the SNAG teaching system, your student gets instant feedback. Using the ribbon on the Snapper, they can hear, feel and see if they are performing the exercise correctly.


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