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The SNAG Roller Brush


The Roller Brush is used for Rolling, SNAG’s shot to help teach putting. It can be used as a training tool to help master the putting stroke.

When using the Roller Brush the key focus is to imagine you are painting a line while performing the putting stroke. It is a great way to engage the student as most people can relate to the action of painting. One of the key aspects of the Roller brush and all SNAG training tools is that is gives the student instant feedback!

The Roller Brush develops a correct putting stroke. “Painting” a line on the ground teaches smooth movement.
You connect the brush to the back of the Roller and if you are performing the correct action with the Brush you can feel the resistance from the bristles on the ground and you can hear the sound of them brushing against the floor. So it actives not only one sense, but two.


This training tool really does help students improve their putting stroke. One common mistake a lot of coaches/teachers see when introducing putting to beginners is the tendency to try and hit the ball too hard. However using the Roller Brush they can understand the action that is performed, through the connection of the Brush to the ground…. and the best part of all is they understand it better because they can feel and hear it!

One of the big advantages of the Roller Brush is that it can be attached to traditional clubs as well, meaning you can use it with all student not just beginners.

The Roller brush is a key element of the SNAG teaching system and is included in all of our teaching kits, it can also be purchased as an individual item.


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