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Welcome to Snag Golf

What is SNAG?


SNAG is a scientific golf training concept for all ages and abilities! It is easy to learn, easy to teach and FUN to play! For that special products (clubs, balls, targets, trainingtools,...) and special eventmoduls were developed.


SNAG enables you to...

  • Learn, practice and play Golf wherever you are
  • Introduce Golf  to anyone interested whilst having lots of fun and  a quick sense of achievement
  • Teach the techniques of Golf on the basis of a scientific Training concept
  • Promote Golf at local and regional Events through attractive Event Tools and SNAG Campaigns


SNAG offers you… 

  • Learning- and Teaching concepts which are pedagocically optimized for the needs of Golfers and Beginners
  • Scientifically developed Golf equipment and Training Tools
  • Event Tools to promote the sport of Golf on Events of all kinds
  • The possibility to become active in new fields (e.g. schools, kindergardens, corporate days)
  • Raise the general awareness for Golf


Here’s how to use SNAG

  1. SNAG – launch, roll and score (first steps in Training and Professional Coaching)
  2. Super SNAG – play it the hard way (Training and Professional Coaching for advanced players)
  3. SNAG Futbol – kick it (alternative in Training for more Fun, new stimuli and challenges)
  4. SNAG Inflatable – for multiple sports activities – stricking, kicking, throwing 3 possibilities one target (Promotion, Event)
  5. SNAG Fun- and Tournament Tools – Win or Lose No Draws – Fun and Motivation always a new challenge (Customer loyalty)