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SNAG for Children


SNAG is the perfect start for children to learn golf. A playful approach based on fun improves the learning process in the sports education and creates a postive and challenging atmosphere during the development of the motor skills. A new and diversified opportunity for kids- and juniorgolf.



SNAG in kindergartens and in schools

We offer kindergartens and schools the possibility to broaden their physical education through the integration of golf. Thus you can give all children the chance to test this great sport. This opportunity doesn’t only make physical education more attractive, but also offers the possibility to find hidden talents and to support them. Through the golf training the children can learn pedagogically important values like fairplay, consideration, discipline, concentration and coordination. We offer the qualification “Certified SNAG Trainer” for teacher, kindergarten teacher and Golf Professionals. You can find more information here: Who can become a SNAG Trainer?